The Escape Game : Ruins: Forbidden Treasure – Livestream [English version]

[FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, live from Nashville, TN, USA]

Ce compte-rendu est également disponible en français (c’est par ici).

The Escape Game (TEG) is present in 17 American cities. Ruins: Forbidden Treasure, their most recent adventure to date, is currently only available at their Berry Hill location, in Nashville, Tennessee. Nevertheless, thanks to the World Wide Web, players from around the globe can now enjoy it from the comfort of their homes. Remote escape rooms are one of the good things to come out of COVID social distancing and self-isolation.

We were joined by Isabelle and Steven for the virtual game. Both of whom already had the opportunity to play the « physical” version of the room and were very curious to discover how TEG had adapted the mission for online play. We hoped that if we ever got lost in the forbidden temple, they might even nudge us in the right direction!

Ruins: Forbidden Treasure

Immersion Fun Difficulty
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – ⭐️⭐️⭐️ – –
💲 / 👤 💬
25 $US 60 min. EN
👥 👥 ideal Our group size
3-7 3-4 4
🗿 Ancient Civilisations
💻 Remote, live with an avatar / 🇺🇸 USA


You’re on a relaxing aerial tour of a remote jungle when everything suddenly falls apart. You’re stranded at the foot of ancient and mysterious temple ruins – home of a massive fabled treasure. Adventure has come knocking and the treasure could be yours for the taking! Fortune favors the bold. Will it favor you?

– Storyline from TEG’s website

Have you watched the trailer? Man, this set looks sharp. We regret not having hooked our laptop to the TV in order to witness the scene in all its glory. It would have also made it easier to dive into full immersion. We will not repeat this amateurish error in the future. You must not do it either; play Ruins: Forbidden Treasure on a huge screen!

The set is quite awesome and impressive. That being said, it is difficult to assess the full extent due to our small screen. Still, we loved what we saw. The old stone walls are stunning, loaded with details, textures and depth effects. And those statues…

The soundscape plunges us into a lush jungle. There’s great audio feedback when the Jungle Scout (more on him later) manipulates objects or when an ancient mechanism is triggered by one of our decisions. Stone scraping noises suddenly make everything seem heavier and more real. And since Ruins: Forbidden Treasure heavily relies on manipulation, our ears were kept busy.

Want to see more? TEG has posted a behind the scene video. It is very interesting to see the craftsmanship that went into the set. Spoiler alert, it shows quite a lot. Be warned!

Adapted for remote gaming

Ruins: Forbidden Treasure plays very well from a distance even if remote gaming cannot duly do justice to this tech-driven experience. As the game relies on a good deal of manipulation, a few steps and certain game elements needed to be slightly modified in order to make the whole thing more intuitive for online play. Some puzzles are easier than their physical counterparts, but it makes up for the fact that a single scout will never manoeuvre as fast as a whole team directly in the room. The experience is therefore very well calibrated for an hour full of challenging fun.

The online dashboard is well thought out and pleasing to the eye. Above all, it is very practical. Synchronized on all participants’ devices, there are 360 ​​° images of the room to be analyzed whenever needed. Using the inventory panel, it is also possible to zoom in on the items found during the game. What’s great is that everyone can inspect the same item at the same time. Gone are the days when you had to impatiently wait your turn to search through the captain’s or archaeologist’s logbook for a clue.

Interaction with the game master

The Escape Game calls on a duo to assist you in the adventure. Your game master does not embody a character. He is not even in the room. Ours was in Florida! He is responsible for managing the ZOOM session and everything related to the inventory interface. He is also there to guide you and give clues if necessary.
You are also joined by a silent scout who is on the physical premises. Equipped with a camera, this Jungle Scout will be your eyes and your hands. He will first give you an overview, before waiting for your instructions to proceed.

We personally prefer to interact with a character and not an employee. We believe it adds to the immersion. This is the only “downside” we can see from this set-up, which is otherwise very efficient and well-managed by friendly and patient staff.

Should you be playing Ruins: Forbidden Treasure’s remote version?

It depends. If you plan to travel and try this game in person, we advise you to wait until then. The pleasure and satisfaction you will get out of the puzzles are going to be greater and you will be able to better appreciate the true value of the set, in all its glory. On the contrary, if Nashville doesn’t figure on your next itinerary, jump on the opportunity that is offered by remote gaming. The Escape Game has made a very good adaptation of this game and the set still is eye candy, even from far away!

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Visit them at:

The Escape Game Nashville (Berry Hill)
510 E Iris Dr
Nashville, TN 37204

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Photo credits : The Escape Game.

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