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Ce compte-rendu est également disponible en français (c’est par ici).

There are some escape games that are in a class of their own. 60Out’s Miss Jezebel is definitely one of them. How can a simple murder investigation be so out of the ordinary ?

The mention  » All players must be 18 years of age or older. Adult language and situations. » made us even more curious, so we “traveled” all the way to L.A. with Christine, Chris and David to find out what was so special about this scenario. I have to say it was a pretty decent trip: we had a drink, got onto the couch and logged into the Zoom meeting !

Miss Jezebel: Half immersive theater, half escape game, entirely brilliant!

Immersion Fun Difficulty
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️- – –
💲 / 👤 💬
125 $US / team 60 min. EN
👥 👥 ideal Our group size
2 – 5 2 – 4 5
🔎 Investigation
🔞 18+ / 😄 Funny / 💻 Remote, live with an avatar / 🇺🇸 USA

You are cordially invited to the residence of a killer, an assassin of men who’s showing no signs of stopping. Can you and your friends survive her ‘hospitality’ and collect all the evidence against her before this bizarre black widow traps you in her web for good? Come experience 60Out’s wildest, weirdest, and raunchiest adventure against the devious debutante herself at Miss Jezebel’s Tea Party!

– Storyline from 60Out’s website

Wow, what an experience! Miss Jezebel is an absolute blast. This hilarious adult-only adventure is masterfully hosted by a duo of incredible actors.

The mission ? Help Inspector John Smith (the second fakest name in the world) find enough evidence to incriminate seductive Miss Jezebel for the murders of her seven late husbands. This will be a saucy case. A word of advice: watch your butt; you wouldn’t want to displease the hostess!

If (and only if) our suspect killed these seven unfortunate men, it certainly wasn’t for their fortunes. The grande dame lives in a small gloomy worn-out apartment. (Our group argued over whether the place was old or downright filthy. In the end we settled for both.) The set, even if simple, perfectly fulfills its role as a backdrop for the actors to shine.

That being said, Miss Jezebel’s love nest has some big surprises in store for you. We really enjoyed exploring the place, wondering what we were going to come across. Expect the unexpected. There are some completely crazy scenes to witness. Some are probably the most WTF situations we’ve seen since… well since escape games became our thing. Time and time again we were standing there speechless and agape (which was not necessarily a good idea under the circumstances) before bursting into laughter.

The game doesn’t rely on difficult tasks. In fact, there are not too many puzzles and they mostly involve searching or observation. However, they are effective and fun. Some of them were quite surprising, proving to be much more interesting and creative than what we were first expecting. Still, the game would end very quickly, if it wasn’t for the many delightful interactions with the protagonists.

Sadly, these glorious moments of verbal jousting were tarnished by poor audio. To our dismay, we didn’t always hear loud and clear Miss Jezebel’s quirky replies. Applying the 2-metre rule for social distancing, she was a little out of range of the camera’s microphone, which was held by the detective. The inconvenience wasn’t all that bad (nothing to lose your erection over, rest assured), but better sound would have allowed us to enjoy the acting even more.

In the end, when taking into account the puzzles, interactions and a longer than normal search time because of the distance, we ended up with a busy sixty minutes.

The type of interaction with the game master

The game master introduces himself as an investigator and stays in character. He’s the one who handles the camera. You will live the experience from his point of view through a Zoom session. You will guide him in the mission thanks to his concealed earpiece. You will need to tell him what to do, but also what to say and how to respond. You often have to quickly find the best answer (or the worst, the choice is yours) and he will act accordingly. This makes for really cool interactions and you get involved in the game much more than if you only had to solve puzzles

There is no online inventory management system, but we don’t really need it.

Should you swipe right on the online version of Miss Jezebel or not?

If you still have any doubts, the scenario is a perfect match for online gaming. If you like immersive theater, escape games, dark investigations with femmes fatales and surly detectives, together with a soft spot for the very bizarre and raunchy, Miss Jezebel is for you (that is, if you are over 18). Don’t wait for an eighth victim!


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60Out – Downtown
2284 S Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Photo credits : 60Out & Les Captivés.

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